Sabtu, 01 November 2008

Inspirational Message 3 : The biggest risk in Life

Here is a great inspirational message from Ann Landers. Hopefully, after you read this inspirational message, you can be more brave in facing your day and try everything new:

1.Laughing is taking risk of looking like a fool

2.Crying is taking a risk of looking sentimental

3.Helping others is taking risk to get involved in their trouble

4.Showing your empathy is taking risk to be rejected

5.Sharing your dreams is taking a risk taking risk of fooling around

6.To love is taking risk to be loved

7.Stepping forward to challenge bigger power is taking risk of failing

8.Instead, the biggest risk is not taking any risk.

One who’s afraid to take risks DOES NOTHING, OWNS NOTHING and surely he is NO ONE. He might avoid suffer and pain, but he can not learn, feel, change, grow or love anything. He is a slave of his own chain. Freedom is for people who dare to take risks.

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