Sabtu, 01 November 2008

Inspiration Story 3 : Art of Advertising

There’s a man who just buys an old motorcycle. After one month, the man feels dissatisfied with his choice and thinks that the motorcycle is not suitable with him so, he plans to sell it by promoting it in radio. Then, the broadcaster starts to promote,” GUYS, HERE’S A DEAL!!A GREAT RED MOTORCYCLE WITH A PERFECT LOOK AND HAVE A STYLE TO BE RIDE WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND...” and what next? by listening that advertising, the man cancels to sell his motorcycle because he has already realized that in fact, in another point of view, his motorcycle is GREAT. Hopefully, all of us can be the BROADCASTER who promotes the goods and always see things in a good side.

This inspiration story teaches us to set our mind to be the good and positive one, like what the broadcaster does

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