Rabu, 22 Oktober 2008

Inspiration Story 1 : Story of Little Frogs

This inspiration story is about a frog in a competition. One day, there are groups of little frogs which hold a climbing competition. The goal of this competition is to reach the peak of a very high tower. After some minutes, the spectators already gathered and come around the tower to see the competition and give their opinion about the little frogs.

Then, the competition is started while, there is no spectators who believes that those little frogs can reach the peak of the tower. Some of the spectators even shout,” you can not do that!!”, “there’s no chance to win” and “the tower is too high.”

After those shouts, those little frogs begin to fall one by one and leave few little frogs which have a high spirit to climb the tower higher and higher. The spectators keep shouting,”It’s too difficult!!!”, “There’s no chance to success!!!” and that makes more little frogs tired and give up while there’s still one little frog remains and climb higher without thinking about giving up and finally win the competition.

All the other frogs want to know how this frog can do that and when they ask the winner frog about how to find its power until reaching the peak, the winner’s friend says that, it is DEAF!!!

The moral of this inspiration story: Sometimes, we have to be deaf, just ignore the negative voice and we can reach our goal, as the frog win the competition

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