Minggu, 09 November 2008

Inspirational Message - I Respect Myself

It is funny to see how easy we give the respect to others while, sometimes, it is so difficult to respect ourselves. We always feel that we are not pretty/handsome enough, not smart enough and the worst thing is, we think that we are nothing. Regarding that, here is a special inspirational message in the form of inspirational tips to help you respect yourself:

1.Make your special list which consists of what we have achieved since one year go. If you want, you can also add lists of some people that you’ve ever helped so, you can realize that you are important for others.

2. Have a small talk with your friend. Ask about things they like from you also, the ability they think you have.

3. No one is born loser but if you think you are, you will be!!

So, keep being positive. Think that you are worth enough and always think that tomorrow will be better and there will be more achievements on tomorrow.

4. Change other’s negative respond to be a big motivation for yourself

5.Make a special target that is suitable with your ability. Write it specifically so you can reach it and trust me, you will feel more respect to yourself when you have already achieved your target.

6. Do not forget to relax. It is OK to walk slowly, as long as you do not just stay in your place.

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